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Make the Data Connections list window in the Admin page of the same name responsive

I thought that in our previous version of Gallery (2018.3) the list of available data connections in the Admin page of the same name used to fill the entire depth of my browser window?


In 2020.4 in uses only about half the depth and presents a scroll bar to view the additional records whilst there is additional white space unused at the bottom of the window.


I suggest that this changed to make full use of the available browser window space.


I note that the data connections page uses a scrolling list as opposed to the paged list which is used in most other pages in the UI. However I would be resistant to changing this as a solution since with the scroll bar view any sorting applies to the entire list as opposed to the current displayed page (c.f. Users)




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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @Paul_Holden, your idea and feedback are appreciated! Our product team is constantly striving to make our products better, and the user feedback we received is critical in that mission. This idea will be reviewed and commented on by Alteryx when the necessary criteria are met.