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Macro use directly from Gallery

I was reading a post on the Community ( which reminded me of an idea that I had.


It would be really nice if a Gallery location could be used as a "Macro Search Path" so that macros don't need to be downloaded from the Gallery and saved locally to be used in a workflow.


So in addition to going to Options>User Settings>Edit User Settings>Macros and adding a local/network path, you could add your internal gallery information...

7 - Meteor

If there is a place on the gallery to store the yxmd, there should also be a place to store macros on the gallery.

It shouldn't be that hard.

Please put this feature on your roadmap.

13 - Pulsar


And with a versioning system, it would be even better ^^

But more seriously, this is one of the most missing things in the gallery right now (with a real data connection management, such as what Qlik Sense do as an illustration).

Best regards,



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for posting to the Alteryx Community! Having server act as a "source of truth" for all Alteryx assets is one of the bigger initiatives we're looking to implement. Currently our product team is assessing a number of ideas, including this one, but the timeline for this initiative is fairly far in the future as they're working on system stability and simplification at present.


However the product team is keeping this idea in mind for when they are able to push features like this, and we will update this idea when more information is available!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

Thank you for your post! We are really interested in this idea, however we cannot fit this idea on the near future road map. We’ll keep this idea in mind however and update the status once we’re better able to speak on when and if we can implement it.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

This is 100% needed in both existing server and in the new AAH

8 - Asteroid

Echoing everyone here, this is very much a needed functionality.


Particularly agree with @SeanAdams that without this functionality in some form or another "we lose a significant portion of the value of Alteryx's macros as reusable tools". 


Gallery access would give organizations the ability to marry the governance of macros with their self-service benefits.

6 - Meteoroid

This feature is very much needed to store the alteryx macro's in the server and use it across different workflows from there. This allows to maintain centrally with proper version history and governance. I vote for this.

6 - Meteoroid

we have a lot of Macros and the same is being saved on sharedrive with no versioning. Hence I feel this option will ensure the Macros are versioned and the changes in Macros propagated seamlessly.

We lose a significant portion of the value of Alteryx's gallery versioning.

6 - Meteoroid

we are using macros a lot in our organization and the same is saved on shared drives. Since the files are saved in shared drive,  there is no versioning. If this idea is implemented in upcoming version then it will be really helpful to have the macros saved on gallery.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for your feedback!


We have re-evaluated this idea and determined that at this time we're unable to include it in the current roadmap. However, should we be able to return to this idea for the Server product in the future we'll be sure to update the status back to Under Review.