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Black out date/time on scheduler

I have tables that I need to run ETL jobs on every 5 mins. But, a batch job runs every day for an hour at the same hour. During that time I can't query the source.
With the current scheduler setup; it appears that my only option would be set up multiple schedules. Each running once a day, and a separate schedule for every 5 minute increment of the day with the exception of the one hour my source can't be touched.
Rather than that degree of hassle, doesn't it make more sense to set up a scheduled with and/or/not criteria?
Run every X minutes on Y days
Except: during %t am - %t am on Z days

I've seen some applications that have a visual scheduler for setting the exception times. That would be pretty cool too.
Bonus points if you can make an admin console for the server which allows the admin to set blackout date/time by table or DSN for all users (override their schedules).
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Patrick, 


Thank you for the feedback! I agree that having the ability to easily add exceptions or blackout date/time(s) to a recurring schedule is really useful.  We’re doing a lot of work on a new Gallery Scheduler for the upcoming 11.0 release and while this isn’t something we have slotted for that release we will definitely keep this in mind for a future release.  Thanks again for the great feedback!




Being able to block certain time windows from being able to have schedules set would also allow for dedicated maintenance timeframes where end user jobs wouldn't have to be cancelled or delayed. For example, the first Sunday of the month could have a 2 hour window set where no schedules could be setup and would allow for the server to be taken offline for the latest Windows patches, full backups, hardware upgrades etc.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi all, I am marking this post as Under Review as this is something we are actively looking for Scheduling on the Server.  Keep the great feedback coming!