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Gallery: Allow a team to see each others' schedules and run history

I have three team members all in the same private studio. We can see each others' workflows. However, when looking at a workflow that another team member has published to the gallery, it looks like:

  1. The workflow has never been run
  2. The workflow is not scheduled to run

This is a massive impediment to collaboration because my team handles ETL for most of the company. If a user complains that their data isn't up to date, whoever receives that support ticket needs to be able to see if the workflow is actually running and whether it was successful or had an error during the last run.

Preventing a team from seeing this for each others' workflow schedules and results means that the only person who can deal with an issue is the person who originally made the workflow. Which makes the idea of a shared private studio wholly pointless as we may as well be operating in different universes.


Please create a studio-level setting where all members of a studio can see all schedules and results of all workflows in that studio.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi TanyaS,


In simple words, the results or logs of workflows/applications executed by individual users should be visible to other users. As of now only results or logs of schedules are visible to other users.


Anyway, Thanks for your support. Will contact support team as suggested.


Meanwhile if you get any suggestion on this topic, please post here.


Thanks & Regards,

Haribabu M

8 - Asteroid

@KylieF I apologize for posting my earlier question about this topic in the wrong place. Perhaps you could clarify this solution for me. It is marked as "implemented" but as far as I can tell it is only implemented in the scenario of multiple users who share a subscription, rather than maintaining individual private studios. Is this correct?  I thought it had been stated that subscriptions are being phased out, though, right? If that's correct is there an actual long-term solution in place that I am missing.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @alison!


No worries at all! And that's honestly a very good question!


We are currently working to phase out subscriptions, however our Server team has taken into account the features related to subscriptions, such as this one, and do have a long term solution to insure they remain accessible. When subscriptions are fully phased out several different features will be implemented at the same time to accommodate any features connected to subscriptions, such as the ability to see other's schedules and run history, and insure they remain present. 


We'll also be sure to announce these new methods to insure Server administrators are kept up to date.

8 - Asteroid

@KylieF  Thank you for that explanation. I understand the need for transitional processes!


So, just to clarify because I am new to this...the ONLY way to currently have access to each others' workflow results in via a shared subscription, correct? 


So, it is recommended that we pursue a shared subscription now rather than the individual private studios and then move everything over when the new system is rolled out? Is there any sort of timeline on when future collaborative options will be available? That info could play into how we develop our server space.


Thank you for your patience with me!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



No worries at all!


At this point in time the only way to access another's workflow results is through shared subscriptions. Though I cannot make a recommendation on the best route for you specific server, I would recommend reaching out to your sales representative to see what a sales engineer or solutions architect believes. Our sales engineers or solution architects will have better insights into your specific situation and what would be best practices for you. However, I can say the new system will be available in the near future if that does play into your decision, though I cannot provide a exact timeline.


I hope this is helpful!