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Download All App Outputs in Gallery

Isn't it great that we can toggle between outputs from an app in the Gallery, being able to view and download each one? Yes! However, what if an app produces a lot of outputs...such as 1 per state...or 1 per product type...or 1 per month...etc. What is get is something like this:


Now imagine how long it would take to download all of these...ouch. I recommend Alteryx add a "Download All" button to the page that appears after an app finishes running.


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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

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This idea is currently being evaluated by our Product team for Server, we'll update this idea again once the evaluation process has been completed and we can better speak on the status of this idea.

11 - Bolide


This has also been recently submitted as another product idea (so now there are at least three different requests for it) -

What is the status of this request?  it seems so intuitive and is available on other platforms.