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Alteryx Scheduler Hourly Schedule With Intraday Start and End Times

Use case: I need to schedule a workflow to run every 2 hours each day, with the first run at 7am and the last run at 7pm

Current solution: I need to create seven daily schedules for each hour that i need the workflow to run

Idea: Add an intraday "Start Time" and "Stop Time", or "Between" to the "Minutes / Hours" schedule type, so i can create one schedule that meets the use case requirements

Example schedule with new parameters that meets use case requirements:

Start Time = 7:00 AM

Stop Time = 7:00 PM

Repeat Every = 2 hours


Start Time could default to 12:00 AM

Stop Time could default to 11:59 PM



10 - Fireball

We've had users requesting this functionality quite a lot. Would really appreciate it being added as a functionality within the scheduler. 

i.e. I want to schedule a workflow to run between 3am and 7am daily on work days. 


As a global business who use Alteryx to do reconciliations at specific times of day, between certain times and at varying frequencies this functionality would be very useful.


At the moment we have to build in time validations in the end of workflows to stop passing data through which is cumbersome and not ideal.

13 - Pulsar



11 - Bolide

I cannot believe that has been in the forum for a year and we don't have this yet.  

8 - Asteroid

Adding my support for this idea. I have workflows that need to be run hourly or more but I can't schedule them around our server's nightly maintenance window.

7 - Meteor

I agree, this is needed! I've got resource intensive workflows that I want to schedule my system monitoring workflows around, and I can't do it. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This is a great idea, and we'll keep an eye on this for future releases. Thanks for the feedback!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

Hi All!


As JohnPell mentioned we really like this idea, however we cannot include it in a near future release at this time. We'd like to revisit it for future release planning though. Once we can better speak on when or if we can include this idea we'll make sure to update this idea!


Thank you all for this feedback!

5 - Atom

Hi All - Is there any update on the timeline for delivery of this item? We also would benefit greatly from this functionality and it looks like it's been a consistent request in the Community since 2018. If it's not yet available in the product, is there a good workaround? It's pretty frustrating to have scheduled jobs running during the day, hogging resources, that we really only need running overnight when competition for resources is much lower.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@terry_peacock  There is no update yet, though I plan to take another look at scheduling needs in early 2022, and limited time windows is one of my top scheduling priorities.

A shorter term workaround would be to schedule several daily runs of the workflow, one at each hour overnight (11PM, 12AM, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, etc). Right now we understand that it's painful to do, but we are planning to release a new API soon that will enable you to write scripts (or workflows) to do it, so it's not so tedious.

6 - Meteoroid

@JohnPelletier , is that a non-gallery API (I hope) ?