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CReW Macro Support

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CReW Macro Support

The CReW macros are a useful collection of tools built by a third party that enhance the functionality of Alteryx Designer.


The CReW Runner macros (Runner, Conditional Runner and List Runner) are the only CReW macros supported by Alteryx, but for Alteryx Designer ONLY. These macros are not supported when used on Alteryx Server or Alteryx Designer + Scheduler.



  • Product - Alteryx Designer
    • Version 10.0+
  • Product - CReW macro package (third party)
    • Please note that only the Runner macros are supported by Alteryx on Alteryx Designer only. The other macros that are part of the package are Community supported.


Known Issue

There is a "known" issue with workflows using CReW Runner macros on Designer 2019.3.2.15763 causing the Runner macro to crash.

This issue was resolved in 2019.3.5.17947.


Additional Resources


It's mid-October, is the realistic update not for a little while longer? 

Alteryx Partner

A lot of our users desperately need this fix. 

Version 2019.3.5.17947 is available for download.

I installed the patch and the Listrunner CREW macro is now working again for my workflows.

Thanks for testing @dthiessen, we weren't going to let anyone upgrade to 2019.3 until that issue was fixed. We use Crew Macros on both desktop and gallery consistently and not having the ability to have a standard workflow kickoff another workflow would cause major problems.