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Private communities!

I'd love to see the ability to create a private community that would serve as a subset to  Many of us work for large corporations and are unaware of other users within the organization.  We are left to our own devices to attempt to connect and share.  With private communities we could

  • enable better networking (who's going to conference?)
  • automatically suggest membership to the private community based on email domain or license
  • encourage better participation through gamification/badging (competing against peers vs Alteryx consultants and wise aces)
  • share knowledge
  • identify who the best participants were within our organization (as a way to identify talent)
  • reveal opportunity gaps and leverage positive peer pressure (if Joe's department is now certified why isn't mine?)
5 - Atom

This will also encourage companies to send their employees to the Alteryx community page versus internal SharePoint sites. This will build a stronger community and even get increased collaboration. I know when I share the gallery or suggestions page to peers, it's like they've never heard of it. Days later they told me about the macros they found, ideas they liked, etc.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Very much agree - being able to have a private sub-community of folk who work in our company would be superb.


5 - Atom

I like the idea. How would we make sure people in a private group are not discussing sensitive topics they should otherwise discuss in their internal company environments. Maybe we can start with expanding "Friends" category to include "Colleagues". Happy to log it as a suggestion if it hasn't already been brought up. 



9 - Comet
Great idea! I'd think there could be a member based restriction based on registered verified email domain? Or verified member list?

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Hey there!


Thank you for taking the time to submit your idea. This isn't something that we have planned. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to manage and moderate those communities.


Thanks again!