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Top Ideas Summary at the End of the Year

It would be great to see an email with the Top Idea Submissions at the End of the Year sent out to everyone who is registered on the Community to encourage participation going into the next year. 



What feature do You most want added to Alteryx? Vote before January 14th.


We have added over X number of features in 2018 and are looking for your input for 2019 features (see below for some of the top ideas currently on the community):


1. Programmatic Detour

2. Between Operator Function

3. Containers should move other tools when Expanding Collapsing

4. Append YXDBs

5. SQL syntax highlighting


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Great idea @AndrewDataKim! We have some kinks to work through our idea process in general, but this is something we can definitely consider in the future. Marking this as "comments requested" to gather feedback from others who may be interested in this as well.

Alteryx Partner

Rather than a top ideas summary at the end of the year. It would be great to see a weekly or monthly community newsletter of the ideas that have been added live and features that have been requested for comment. Obviously as it is going to be digested in a newsletter email, the community team need to pick the ideas that are a priority for them as needing comments as there maybe a lot of ideas that need comments. Look forward to seeing more community engagement through a newsletter and obviously not everyone may want to receive the newsletter. 


Let the newsletter be an opt-out and the most recent newsletter is sent to all community members upon joining as an Alteryx community member with the option to opt-out.