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Workflow chaining based on alteryx workflows available in gallery

Submitting this idea based on the Case #00361430.

We are trying to do alteryx workflow chaining based on workflows available in alteryx gallery, but this option is not currently available in alteryx right now and we are raising this idea to enable this feature in upcoming release or existing version patches.


Currently couple of methods available; saving the workflow in network share drive and chain the alteryx workflow based on events or run another analytical app on success.

The disadvantage of these methods are,


1. We cannot have version history maintained for the workflows in network share drive.

2. We cannot able to run a specific workflow in chaining as the workflows are packaged together.

7 - Meteor

@JohnPelletier In our organisation we have an enterprise orchestrator (BMC-Control-M) however this is generally used by an IT persona as opposed to where we position Alteryx towards (Citizen Data Users).


My opinion of these tools are they hit the right spot being fully featured and handle dependencies across sources and targets really really well.... We aren't Control M with Alteryx because as you mentioned there isn't really a native integration which generally is the preference for operations teams. 



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@adrianp112 Thanks for that explanation. If I understand you, the person who wants to orchestrate (citizen data user) is not always the person who can orchestrate (IT persona), and you need a solution that's more easily accessible by an Alteryx Server user.


That's very insightful and valuable to me, thanks!