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Workflow Status Updates During Runtime

We have groups asking within our organization for ways to check the status of a running workflow in Gallery. They are wanting to understand which step in the process the workflow has completed for longer-running workflows.


They are looking for an experience similar to when running in Designer where they can see which tools have been completed. At the very least, they would like the log to be reported live and not shown at the end of the run.


Currently, the run feels like a black box where they do not know how close it is to completion or which steps it has made it through.


We have tried to build workarounds like the Email tool, but have been unsuccessful. For example, the Email tool does not send an Email until the workflow completes which defeats the purpose. The closest workaround is writing our own log along the way that can be reported on which is not a clean solution. 

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9 - Comet

@EL This is a good idea, it could also be useful if users could see where they sat in the queue like workflow 12 out of 24.