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List of files on a file browse sorted in a descending order and filtered by workflow

Hello, Alteryx users,


My idea is simple but would make things way easier for the analytical app users on the Gallery.


Currently, the order is ascending and we can see all the files from all the applications we have run before.


It would help a million to see the most recent files first and only see the files related to this workflow.



Thank you,

Fernando Vizcaino


12 - Quasar

Hello @fmvizcaino 

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is your input file.. how would one know if it's related to your workflow or not ?  I'm not sure to understand your point to be honest.

Best regards,


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @simonaubert_bd ,


Thanks for your question.


The list I'm showing on the image is the list of all the files I've uploaded before on the gallery at any time. 


Describing better my idea:


When you browse and select a file, you are uploading and saving temporarily the file in MongoDB on the AS_QueueInputs collection.



All the files you uploaded before to the gallery at any time (depending on your system settings configuration) and in any analytic app will appear on the list below:



The mongoDB collection already have a CreationDatetime to sort from and by including the workflowID on this collection, it would be also possible to filter the files appearing on the file browse list for a specific analytical app.


Best regards,

Fernando Vizcaino