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Support SAML 2.0

Please support SAML 2.0 for gallery

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Status changed to: Coming Soon

@Nicholas_Bignell thanks for checking in!  The work is under way for SAML support and I'm updating the post as coming soon!  We hope to have this available in a near-term release. 

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@JulieM Do you know which version of Alteryx will have SAML, it been a couple of months this IDEA was posted.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@gade_joseph_r we're expecting this to be available in the very near future and actually have a beta available for testing if you have any interest!  

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Sure ,How Can I signup for beta ? or Please sign-me up .


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Great!  Anyone who might be interested can sign up here:

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 Thanks  I signed up for Beta and installed, but the Problem is there is not much documentation as well as the Configuration doesn't seem to be had right options. 


Current Alteryx SAML  Configuration Window, How Do we configure IDP Metadata File ? does it have to be local Path(c:/pathto/idpmetadata.xml) to XML file or have to be on webserver(https://someserver/idpmetadata.xml)?


Also, How are Users Configured if we have SAML, does need to b Local user?  what would be the User ID for  SAML_SUBJECT / name  ?  how does it correspond to user Configuration on the server?



Please Implement the Simple SAML Configuration Options, the current options are confusing.


Allow us to Map Attributes,


  1. Provider
  2. Service Provider Settings (SAML Configurations)
  3. Attribute Mappings  (userName, employee Id, Email, first name last name etc)
  4. Role Mappings (Map to alteryx Roles )










 saml configuration.png





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@gade_joseph_r thanks very much for the feedback.  As a part of the Beta process we'll definitely take this into account for the documentation we'll be rolling out with SAML.  I will reach out to you directly to ask a few more questions and to get continued feedback if that's alright.  Thanks!

5 - Atom

Very eager to see this released into production.  Is there a release date?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@chriscernosek while I'm not able to share the exact release date SAML will be included in the next release for Server and it is coming up very soon.  As soon as we hit our release date I'll be sure to update this post!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

Hi Everyone, I'm happy to say with the 2018.2 release for Alteryx Server we now offer SAML as an available authentication type in the Gallery.  Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with some highlights coming soon.