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Server Results purge should not be date-based

Currently, Alteryx Server has a setting for how many days to keep Results from scheduled workflows, which prevents your Results log from getting too large.


Unfortunately, this setting is universal to all workflows, regardless of schedule.  If you have monthly jobs sharing a server with jobs that run every 5 minutes (which we currently do), and you set your limit to 30 days, you get at most 1 result from monthly jobs, but 8,640 results from your 5-minute jobs!


A better option would be to keep the most recent X results from any schedule (where X is user-configurable).

7 - Meteor


Your comment makes perfect sense as normal operations.   As you enable expiration to be set to 30 days - anything older than 30 days is expired and removed.  You should have your most current monthly job listed in your results tab.  If not then its based on the date and time you enabled your expiration processes to begin.

What do you mean - the results should be user-configurable?   Also keep in mind, I'm sure you already know - this expiration process can be applied to schedules as well to clean that area up for non-essential or no longer needed ones.

Let  me know


7 - Meteor



I would like to be able to set my server to keep the last 10 results from each schedule.  Someone at a different company may want to set their server to keep the last 5, or the last 20.  That's what I mean by user-configurable -- let the administrator of each server decide that threshold.







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5 - Atom

I will second this idea. Having date-based purging for workflow results is very cumbersome for organizations with wide-ranging workflow frequencies (which would seem to be most, from my perspective). Either you set the threshold low and miss out on those that only run occasionally or set the threshold high and have very long wait times (4-5 minutes is not uncommon) for those workflows which run very frequently.


It makes much more sense to instead have count-based purging so that both very frequent and infrequently scheduled workflows can have a reasonable amount of run history without being burdensome.