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Query Meta Data from LLS

Right now, with LSS, the only thing you can query who has taken seats on licenses (you get user's email and host name).  This is OK, but it would be great if we could get more information than that.  Primarily

  • What was the date/time that the user first grabbed that license
  • When was the last date/time the user connected to the license

As you know, there is no way to forcefully remove a license from the LLS (you either have to have user deactivate from Designer, or wait 7 days).  Knowing this information would help admin's know who is actually using the licenses and if someone leaves the company, you can get a countdown until that license is released.

For historical tracking and auditing, I would also like to setup an Alteryx Workflow that puts licensed user information into a table or DB so we have a log of who is using the licenses.