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Make Server User a System Constant

There is no good way to get server user credentials into a workflow without asking them for it in an App interface.  It would be great if we could have a built in Constant that could be used to silently pass user credentials into a workflow for things like API's or logging user information.

Status changed to: Comments Requested

@Sruhl thanks for posting!  I am marking this as Comments Requested and look forward to seeing others in Community who are interested vote this up with stars and comments.  Thanks again.


Actually, there is a way. See I used the solution there, and it works great. It is a little tricky, and not as straightforward as a built-in Constant would be, but it does work.


I am voting up this idea to make this easier.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for posting @blyons - marking this idea as under review so we can investigate this internally and will keep this post updated.  Thanks!


+1 We would like to be able to use the current userID and extract info from the Mongo like email address so we can email results directly to the current user rather than having them input their email address manually.  There are some workarounds to make this available to our users (extract a subset of the User table and have them use the __cloud:UserId textbox), but this has its own issues including the fact that the __cloud:UserId trick doesn't work in a macro that we could package up (i.e. only works if the text box is in an analytic app).


+1 and I agree with @mcarrico's points above. This feature would get a lot of use here.

+1 from me as well, I would like a simple way of auto-emailing the results of a workflow to a user without them needing to enter their email address. This would work really well for us here