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Macro use directly from Gallery

I was reading a post on the Community ( which reminded me of an idea that I had.


It would be really nice if a Gallery location could be used as a "Macro Search Path" so that macros don't need to be downloaded from the Gallery and saved locally to be used in a workflow.


So in addition to going to Options>User Settings>Edit User Settings>Macros and adding a local/network path, you could add your internal gallery information...


This would also be very helpful for keeping macros up to date with any changes the macro creator makes. Today it is common to have different team members using different versions of macros depending on when they first downloaded it.


This would be very useful - it also reenforces the idea of working on central assets - and it also makes deployment of a flow easier (since the macro will point to the gallery path)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

HI all, thank you for the feedback!  This work isn't something we currently have planned but we're definitely keeping in mind as we look forward and will update this post as we know more.  Thanks again!  


Hi @JulieM


Appreciate you taking the time to update the status of the idea.   

This particular issue is one that we struggle with internally too - and in fact without the ability to tie in macros that are on the gallery directly, we lose a significant portion of the value of Alteryx's macros as reusable tools.


This may not be an issue for smaller companies - but for companies with a significant number of users (50+) this really is very important.


For example - if we build a macro that does something simple like lookup of client details by ID.   

- If we don't deploy this, then everyone will reinvent the wheel, and when the client master is changed, everyone's canvasses will break

- if we deploy to the workstations, this is a logistical nightmare with every new version - plus it doesn't help with canvasses that are already live on the gallery that use this

- if we deploy on a network share - then it is discoverable, but no version control - and all gallery canvasses in production will not get the new version


The only remaining option is to use the gallery as the central point for reusable macros - and to do this in a way that the dependancy is either deep or shallow (either take a version-level copy or take the latest-version on every run).


Please do re-consider this - for the server to be an enterprise grade product - this is a necessary capability.


Thank you


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@SeanAdams Thanks very much for the additional feedback and I agree this functionality will go a long way to make macro deployment much easier to manage.  While this isn't currently planned for our near-term roadmap, we are definitely continuing to consider this, particularly when thinking about the next generation of Alteryx as a platform.

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

+1 for @SeanAdams points on this Idea. It is becoming critical to have a central repository area. I am seeing a lot of companies that are storing their macros on the server just to maintain a "private Macro Gallery", but there is still no way to reference it.


If there is a place on the gallery to store the yxmd, there should also be a place to store macros on the gallery.

It shouldn't be that hard.

Please put this feature on your roadmap.