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Extend Server Diagnostics to cover broader time period

Currently the server diagnostics (http://localhost/gallery/admin/#!diagnosticscovers a narrow time window (from what I can see - only the last few hours)


Current Server Window.jpg


.... and if you attempt to zoom out or pan to see a broader time window - the graph gets smaller, but the data does not grow to fill the remaining space




Please could we request 2 changes:

a) add a time axis on the bottom of this chart so that the user can understand the time dimension 

b) Increase the time available for analytics to an arbitrarily broad set of data (which the admin can configure as a server setup parameter - retention period).   For us - we'd want to keep at least 3 months of data, and be able to view this analytically.


Thank you 




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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for your post and feedback!


At this time we're updating this idea to not planned. Our product team has reviewed and researched the technical requirements for implementing this idea and have determined that this would be a large undertaking that cannot be fit on the near future roadmap as we do not currently persisting time series data for this.


We recommend using Windows diagnostic tools for larger time windows and a more in-depth analysis.


Should we be able to return to this idea in the future however we'll be sure to update the status back to under review.