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Create a pop-up message to use on apps running on gallery

I've created a few apps for our company's private gallery for users. These take a couple of minutes to process. Also, some of them have very long lists to choose from. If the user doesn't make all of the selections because they don't realize there are more questions at the bottom, the app fails--but, only after running through the long process time. It would be nice to have:


1) a pop up message that lets them know they haven't answered all the questions ("STOP! You've a few more questions at the bottom to answer before this app can run.")

2) a customizable pop up message once the app is ready to run. These users don't actually use Alteryx, and aren't necessarily tech savvy or patient. Something along the lines of "OK. Now, stand up, stretch, grab a cup of something warm and come back in a minute or two while your app is processing." would be very nice.


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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @TerriLH,


In response to suggestion 1 in your post, you can use the Error Message tool from the Interface tool palette to help alert users of unansered questions.  Below is a screen shot of a sample workflow that utilizes the Error Message tool.  Here is a link to the Help page for the Error Message tool.  I will have to let someone else respond to question 2.  


sample workflow.png


Hope this helps!

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