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CRUD (Create, read, update and delete) Operations Through Gallery UI for Target DB Table

It would be great for Alteryx to provide the UI to allow the user to maintain the data on the target table through Alteryx. The workflow application would be a standard way to maintain reference data.


This would allow us to deliver a quick way to interface with relational tables. Something similar to the following projects:


- django admin site

- phpgrid

- etc.



This would avoid using Microsoft Access for example for quick table edits and using the simplified Alteryx app instead

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @jyeh


I agree with the need - however I'd see this being delivered in a different way.


Many of the Enterprise Data Management platforms include 2 components that are not yet part of the Alteryx stable:

- Master Data Management.   This is the capability that you're referring to - and when done well it allows for versioning; enterprise dimensions; etc

- Data Quality tooling.   This allows the community to specify various different methods of data quality controls - like dictionary lookup; deduplication; etc.


So - in my mind this is half-way between the Connect platform; and the Server platform and by adding these capabilites we can bring this up to full parity with the competitors out there.

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