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Alteryx Gallery Search Engine Needs Attention

Wanted to grab some attention here regarding the Alteryx gallery search engine (which also bleeds over into searching for schedules and jobs when troubleshooting). 


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm pasting two pictures (one attachment) of searching our gallery for the word "Contour" and the word "Signal". Both of these words are in the title of a single workflow - when I search for the word "Contour", the workflow pops up. When I use the first word in the workflow, which is "Signal", it doesn't pop up. 


I appreciate all that Alteryx does, but I wouldn't think this should be a difficult issue to fix, and I would imagine there are other frustrations with the functionality here. 

9 - Comet

search engine no bueno.PNG


I have a workflow I just pulled off the gallery (manually) that has the word "Search" in it. The search engine didn't recognize the workflow when using the word "Search" 😞

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

There are a number of behaviors in the Server search that prompt comment. We're currently investigating best course of action for addressing some of them while maintaining or improving on current capabilities. Feel free to add comments regarding edge cases or oddities we should be aware of while we look into this!



9 - Comet

Thanks Tanya. One of the main issues is that when you search for one of the words in a multi-word workflow, there are many instances when the search returns nothing. Also, even some workflows won't return when you search for the exact name of the workflow. This is also consistent when searching in the scheduler on designer, or doing a search in designer to open a workflow in the gallery (probably obvious there since it is likely all the same search engine but just pointing this out). 

8 - Asteroid

@ccagle Did you get with Support to take a look at your gallery server? This sounds to me like your indexes are broken -- queued items may no longer be updating. Were you also encountering issues with replacing workflows (since that also queries MongoDB). Deleting workflows will also have issues.

  • In the gallery logs, this line indicates indexer is active (it doesn't sleep very long): INFO,22,QueueWorker,Hibernate,,,,<your_server_name>,,,,,,Queue worker sleeping for 1 seconds.
  • Logs found in <drive where server is installed>\ProgramData\Alteryx\Gallery\Logs


We had the same issue and Support was able to resolve the indexing issue for us. They also found a much larger issue due to a previously failed migration when looking at our user-managed MongoDB.

All gallery searches now return results and we're able to replace workflows seamlessly. We have a handful of workflows with the word "Search" in its name (e.g. "Search by Address") and they all show up in the list, searching a portion of the name (e.g. "whole" in "wholesale") also returns results.

5 - Atom

We are also having issues with the GallerySearch...even after working with Support to re-index MongoDB.

The search engine appears very inconsistent and unpredictable


  • We have 17 workflows where the filename contains the word “Compass”

    Only 14 are returned when searching for “Compass”

    The 3 missing:

    • 021CompassStaff_lan_stg
    • 022_Compass_Parents_lan_stg (yet Faces_Compass_MedicalStaging is returned)
    • 02Compass_lan_stg

    There are 12 workflows containing “_lan_”

    Only 10 are returned when searching for “lan”

    The 2 missing are:

    • 021CompassStaff_lan_stg (yet 022_Compass_Parents_lan_stg is returned
    • 02Compass_lan_stg


Support has been unable to assist this far, and are unable to provide the rules or patterns we should be using


This significantly impact on our teams use of Gallery

9 - Comet

Alteryx  can we improve the search function in the gallery? Substring search and support of any characters in the workflow name. Is so easily done within alteryx, yet the gallery can't do it. It just fustrates the users.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

I wanted to give an update on this idea as its been a bit over a year since this was placed into Under Review. Unfortunately, this idea fell through the cracks and we were unable to start our research process on what it would take to update the search. However, has been brought back to our product team's attention, who are currently researching how we would best be able to update the Server search engine.


Thank you for your patience while we look into this enhancement!