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Alteryx Gallery Search Engine Needs Attention

Wanted to grab some attention here regarding the Alteryx gallery search engine (which also bleeds over into searching for schedules and jobs when troubleshooting). 


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm pasting two pictures (one attachment) of searching our gallery for the word "Contour" and the word "Signal". Both of these words are in the title of a single workflow - when I search for the word "Contour", the workflow pops up. When I use the first word in the workflow, which is "Signal", it doesn't pop up. 


I appreciate all that Alteryx does, but I wouldn't think this should be a difficult issue to fix, and I would imagine there are other frustrations with the functionality here. 

5 - Atom

I started my own thread on this as well: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Ideas/Issues-Searching-for-Workflows-in-Applicatio... 


Let's get this as much attention as possible.  How there aren't hundreds of comments on this thread or hundreds of threads like it, I don't know.


The search function in the application as well as the gallery is by far and large the worst part of this solution. It's like they built a McLaren F1 and super glued a starbucks coffee lid for the steering wheel.  Please, if you fix NOTHING else in Alteryx for the next year...fix this.


This is an unending source of frustration. Search engines have been around for a long time, this should be a very easy fix. I concur with other statements...searching the metadata is great, but can you PLEASE search the title of the workflow?  If you have 5 wokflows, no big deal.  We have HUNDREDS and hundreds more to come. This closes on deal breaker territory.

Status changed to: Implemented

I'm happy to say that in Alteryx Server 23.1 these searching issues have been solved. The global search now searches on asset name and the search results should be accurate. Thank you for your patience and feedback as we worked on this issue!