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Add ability to set "Schedule Jobs, "Prioritize Jobs", etc permissions at Group level

Currently, to allow a user to schedule jobs, prioritize jobs, assign jobs, create collections, or have API access, toggles must be set at the user level.  


As a server administrator, I want to configure these toggles at the group level, so that a) I don't have to modify a large number of users individually to grant them such permissions, b) I ensure consistency across groups of users that doesn't rely on humans clicking all the right things for each of the relevant people, and c) I can easily change these settings for multiple people, if needed.

7 - Meteor

Same need here.

Granting permissions via groups is the right way to go, the today's user by user toggle switching approach is not scalable, imagine if you have thousand of users. Too much overhead for a server Admin.

7 - Meteor

Double thumbs up!


Agree, these fine grained permissions that are only toggleable at a user level are not scalable at all... its a bug bear we have in our environment too.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for your feedback! This idea has been reviewed by our Server team and we've decided this is something we'd like to include on the road map for the product. While we cannot provide an ETA at this time on when this feature will be released we'll do our best to update this idea once information is available.