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Support SAML 2.0

Please support SAML 2.0 for gallery

10 - Fireball

Alteryx Server now Supports SAML .AWESOME !!!!!!!! 


Hi Julie, Thanks for Picking my Idea and providing the SAML Support for Alteryx, We have Alteryx Server since last 2 years, is there a way that we can Migrate users from AD Authentication to SAML when we do the upgrade from 2018.1 to 2018.2? 


Also is there a Good Documentation for Configuring SAML with Ping? 



Kind Regards


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Thanks @joeGade! We have a newly published Knowledge Base article that documents the steps for configuring Ping with SAML which can be found: In regards to the migration of users from AD authentication to SAML - there is some work required on our end to support this to make sure the proper permissions are honored and to ensure a seamless migration. We are hoping to do this in a future release but at the moment migration is not supported from AD authentication. Thank you again for all of your continued feedback!