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We will be upgrading the Gallery to our 2019.4 release this Saturday, December 7th beginning at 9:00am MT. We expect the outage to take last approx. 2.5 hours.

Scheduling from Gallery - retries, rerun all failed jobs

I would like to set a retry count when scheduling a job, and also to specify to duration in between retries, e.g. job fails, but then will retry to run 3 times with a 5 minute wait in between each retry.


Also would like a radio button next to all workflow results, so when you get a list of failed jobs you can click all the jobs and then hit rerun.  This should be complimented with select all functionality.  This will prevent me from having to go into each job and rerunning, i.e. save me loadsa clicks! 

Alteryx Partner

Experiencing the same issue. I have several workflows that rely on internet connection. When the internet goes down all my scheduled workflows will fail. Would love to have an option within scheduler to rerun the workflows manually versus having to open each workflow and press play. For now, I will just create a workflow with the List Runner macro that mirrors by scheduled worklfows. That way I only have to open one workflow to rerun all my schedules.


Ok, so that's interesting.  Are you storing your workflows in the Gallery and on disk?  Or are you using some kind of API in order to use List Runner?  I'd hate to have to store the workflows in 2 places as I'm sure they would get out of sync quickly.

Alteryx Partner

I am storing these particular workflows on disk. Not sure if/how it could work otherwise. May be worth contacting Adam Riley @ Chaos Reigns Within to see if it's a possibility.


ok, thanks

Alteryx Partner

I have encountered issues where the workflow stopped sometimes due to a deadlock issue with the sql server data source its connected to. In such cases, a re-run resolves the issue but it would be nice for this to be an option we can select that it should re-run the workflow and perhaps a max number of tries so that it's not stuck in an infinite loop of retrying.