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Scheduling Start and Stop times for Workflows

I would like to see the enhancement of being able to schedule a start and stop time for specific jobs that need to run multiple times per day, so they don't run during the nightly backup periods of the Alteryx server. This can cause the daily backups of the Alteryx Gallery to fail. Currently SQL Server Management Studio/SQL Server has the function to able to schedule start and stop times for specific job. Currently Scheduler page on Alteryx Gallery/Server lacks this feature.


SQL Server Management Studio


Schedules on Alteryx Gallery/Server




11 - Bolide

This feature is a must.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Yes, I definitely agree this one would be great!

5 - Atom

+1 for this idea. It would also be very useful when troubleshooting or fixing issue and can turn of a single schedule with start and stop times instead of X daily schedules for each hour

11 - Bolide

Does anyone know the latest on this idea?