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Publish to Tableau Server version of Alteryx Server Usage Reports

The Alteryx Server Usage Monitoring & Reporting  reports are very useful. In order to automate the distribution and leverage our Tableau Server we have modified one of the macros within to publish the TDE to the Server and reworked the workbook to point to it. This is a fairly time consuming process to do, so the idea is to introduce a version of the workflow which pushes the datasource, producing a version of the workbook pointing to it.

7 - Meteor

On a related note, it would be great to introduce a version with Hyper from the release of Tableau 10.5 onwards.

10 - Fireball

Agree ,if we can Directly Publish Workbooks to Tableau with Refreshed Data from Alteryx it would be really Great, its now on Demand basis always have to run and publish to the server . 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for all of the feedback and posting.  We're currently evaluating the Server Usage report and looking at ways of improving including supporting publishing to Tableau Server as well as bringing this data directly into the Gallery itself in Gallery Admin.  We'll be sure to keep this post updated as we're making progress here!

10 - Fireball

Hi , we figured out a way and we now have the data source and workbook published to tableau server . Let me know if it’s needs to be uploaded to alteryx gallery.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Can you please post this to the alteryx gallery? (Alteryx server usage report that publishes to Tableau) That would be greatly appreciated!

10 - Fireball

I will post it soon , I have to clear all our server  names , usernames and passwords . 

6 - Meteoroid

Great, appreciate the help.

5 - Atom

Hi - did this get posted to the Alteryx Gallery? The ability to publish the usage report up to Tableau Server would be very handy for us. Thanks!

11 - Bolide

++1 anything new on this? 


6 - Meteoroid

I ended up rebuilding and creating our own dashboard which connects to the Alteryx Server API's extracts the information we wanted visibility to and pushes into a suite of dashboards that we use to monitor activity. Information on the tableau dashboard is updated every 20 minutes and has built-in triggers to alert the business users when random events are hit.