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Gallery: Email user(s) when workflow is complete

Hello Community:


I was looking in the notifications part of the Gallery Admin and saw a glaring ommission: The validation email was something about a code, but nothing about a workflow. "What?!" I interrogo-banged.Where is "Email when workflow is complete?"Where is "Email when workflow is complete?"


I would like to move that Gallery include an option (at the workflow level and globally within a studio (perhaps beyond, I'm a newb to Gallery)) that a user can subscribe to an email notification if the workflow completes (or errors out). 

Where I'm currently working, we have some workflows that take, literally, in the twenty-plus hour range. Instead of having to check when it is complete, it would be really nice to get an email from Gallery saying: "Hi guys! [Workflow X] is done! YAY!"


I realise there's an email tool in the rendering, but that is... shall we say, complicated. In this case, we're using an R-tool, so all the downstream tools are blind to the metadata. Filtering records down to one so that only one email is sent at the end of the chain is... challenging (remember that 20-hour thing? Try developing on a 20+ hour cycle. It's like 1970 up in here!). And totally counterintuitive. I also feel new users will have issues configuring an email tool; it took me 3 months to get ours to work and it only works from our server. Plus, it's a kludgy workaround. 


I feel that this would probably be easy to implement and fits the sensibilities of Gallery. 


Vote this up, folks!






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Cedric


Thank you for posting this suggestion!  We can definitely see the value add for users and this is something we'd like to tackle in the future.  We also look forward to seeing how many other customers would desire this feature by voting for it.  


Thanks again!


14 - Magnetar

I know there hasn't been any commentary since the initial proposal, but one thought that came to me:

In addition to having a global email setting to turn this on for all workflows, I think it would be really helpful to have a "Subscribe to this workflow" option on individual workflows.

My proposal for what this would do is that if I "subscribe" to a Workflow, when I execute that workflow and it completes, Alteryx server emails me, and sends "this has completed" and a link to the results pane.  This lets individual Application Consumers tailor which workflows they get messages for.

7 - Meteor

I have the same problem. I have workflows that take more than a day to run; and when I am on vacation, I assign someone to log onto the gallery and run them. This person doesn't have access to Alteryx except through the gallery. I would like to see an email sent to whoever runs the workflow in the gallery, and lets them know it is complete so they don't have to keep logging onto the gallery to see. I can set the event in the workflow before I upload it, but I would have to change it each time I go on vacation, depending on who I assign the process to while I'm out.

6 - Meteoroid

100% support this request, and don't understand why it isn't already core functionality.  The Gallery already has all of the information needed for the notification as well as the capability to send the message.  Make. It. Happen!

8 - Asteroid

Was looking for this functionality today. Seems silly to have to create it in each individual workflow. 

13 - Pulsar

Well, one who designs the workflow can actually build this capability into the workflow.


But of course a seamless integration would be awesome for people

who utilize the Gallery, start runs etc. but don't own an Alteryx license, I mean vanilla Gallery users...

7 - Meteor

It's true. The person who designs the workflow can build the email portion into the workflow. However, with users moving from account to account, and department to department, as a developer, I don't want to have to download the workflow each time someone changes jobs to change the event. I should be able to manage that in the Gallery by adding or removing users--which I can with regard to access. BUT, when a new user has been added runs a workflow, there should be an option to email them when the results are ready. Some of these workflows take 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The user shouldn't have to keep logging on to verify that. And if I'm out of the office, and ask someone to run the workflows I usually run, that individual should also receive an email that it is finished. We use SSO to get to the gallery. The email addresses are there. This seems like a logical request.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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9 - Comet

The irony in this:

Screenshot 2024-02-08 120913.png

I just want emails Alteryx!