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Data Connection Creation via Gallery API

Hi Alteryx Team,


in one of my current projects we would like to set up a Alteryx Gallery Collection using the API, which already works fine using the current API implementation.

In addition we want users of this collection enable to use DataConnection to DBs they are allowed to access. This can already be done manually. I can create a Data Connection manually and then I assign the same users I already assigned to the Collection also to the Data Connection. Adding these users to the Data Connection can also be done using API. The only part that is missing is the CREATION OF DATA CONNECTION USING API.

The other option is to make it possible to assign Data Connections to Collections, which is unfortunately also not possible at the moment.

Our challenge is that we want to create those kind of workspaces a lot of times for a lot of colleagues without additional manual effort.

That's why I ask for enhancing the DataConnection API in order to create Data Connection using Gallery API.