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Collections Administration

As a server administrator, I would like to have more control over collections.  I have a user who is in charge of a collection out of office, and we have some users who need to get to be added to the collection to run workflows.  As admin of the server, I would like to be able to add users to this collection, modify permissions, modify workflows, etc.  This would be necessary both for when users are temporarily out of the office as well as if someone were to leave the company.

8 - Asteroid

Is there any update for this idea? Seems like it has been implemented, at least partially.


Edit a collection

On the Collections page, click Details to view the details of the collection and edit the following options:

  • Click the Edit image to select a user and change the owner of the collection.
  • Click the Users tab to add or delete a user or group from the collection.
  • Click the Subscriptions tab to add or delete a studio from the collection.

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