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Altery Server Scheduling Flexibility

I really want to see this feature in new versions. Its frustrating the lack of options we have with scheduling workflows on the server. I need to have my process run every 10 mins but only on certain days and in certain time windows. Creating a schedule for this is impossible unless I manually create hundreds of schedules. 


I have a few workflows that I have hosted on out Gallery Server and I have them scheduled.


Ex: Process A is scheduled to run every 10 mins Mon – Sunday.

Problem: I only need Process A to run Every 10 Mins on Mon – Sat from 2 AM to 6 PM

Currently there is not a scheduling configurations that allow this type of schedule. How can I get my workflow to run every 10 mins but only during certain times and on certain dates?


Totally agree with you - I have the same issue where I want to run my workflow Run workflow daily every 20 minutes between 6am – 6pm but less frequently for remainder for the day [every 2 hours]and am currently forced to run it every 20 minutes as the scheduler doesn't let you create custom recurring schedules.


100% with this one.  I know that people will say to use a macro to force these rules (and I do).....but this just adds an extra layer of detail to the workflow for something that should be a basic feature.  You already have the option of Mon-Fri only, so why not added a start time to end time window.