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Altery Server Scheduling Flexibility

I really want to see this feature in new versions. Its frustrating the lack of options we have with scheduling workflows on the server. I need to have my process run every 10 mins but only on certain days and in certain time windows. Creating a schedule for this is impossible unless I manually create hundreds of schedules. 


I have a few workflows that I have hosted on out Gallery Server and I have them scheduled.


Ex: Process A is scheduled to run every 10 mins Mon – Sunday.

Problem: I only need Process A to run Every 10 Mins on Mon – Sat from 2 AM to 6 PM

Currently there is not a scheduling configurations that allow this type of schedule. How can I get my workflow to run every 10 mins but only during certain times and on certain dates?

5 - Atom

Totally agree with you - I have the same issue where I want to run my workflow Run workflow daily every 20 minutes between 6am – 6pm but less frequently for remainder for the day [every 2 hours]and am currently forced to run it every 20 minutes as the scheduler doesn't let you create custom recurring schedules.

7 - Meteor

100% with this one.  I know that people will say to use a macro to force these rules (and I do).....but this just adds an extra layer of detail to the workflow for something that should be a basic feature.  You already have the option of Mon-Fri only, so why not added a start time to end time window. 

7 - Meteor
Would really love this option. I have workflows that need to run every 10 minutes but only during business hours. My IT teams would prefer scheduled workflows avoid nightly maintenance windows. e.g. We have had issues when workflows run while the mongo db is being backed up.
13 - Pulsar



  • calender setting (date)
  • time setting (when should the event start)
  • and run frequency (how many times with wehat intervals) should be independent of each other

like "IFTT - If this than that"

13 - Pulsar



8 - Asteroid

Just adding my support for this idea. Our Gallery servers have nightly maintenance windows set aside and I can't avoid them on schedules that need to run hourly or more.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi folks! There seems to be a lot of interest around time windows and operation days. Not just in this post but in two others that I've seen. Especially for the use case of maintenance windows.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for your feedback! 

Our Server product team was able to review this idea and include it on our current product road map! While we cannot provide a timeline or ETA on when this feature will be completed we'll do our best to update this idea when possible.

7 - Meteor

Completely agree with this suggestion. I need to schedule a workflow every 10 minutes every Tuesday between 10am and 6pm. Currently no way to achieve this with the limited options on server!