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Allow all users in a studio to see scheduled workflow status in gallery

Allow all users in a studio to see workflow status in gallery , like wise in old scheduler we can see all scheduled workflows with a controller key .
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks @reddy520 for sharing the idea. We have heard this request from other customers also and noted it down. We plan to revisit our scheduling experience in 2018. In general, we plan to build in more flexibility for both users and admins across our product platform. Please keep the ideas coming as they help us refine our roadmap.

7 - Meteor
+1 for this idea! This would be really helpful when we have many scheduled canvases, and users can view status and issues, without having to reach out to admins.
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

This idea was implemented to 2018.4