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API endpoint for Collections

My team currently uses the API to call a large number of workflows via a Python based scheduler process.  We use this currently by having ~10 users in a single subscription (Private Studio).  


All of the Private Studio sites on the Alteryx help state that they are going away in the near future to be replaced by individual studios and Shared Collections.  


From our testing, this would kill our processing as we cannot have an API for 1 Private Studio call workflows from a different private studio even if they have access through a shared collection.  


Are there plans to adjust the API endpoints in the future to better account for this?


Our IT department is looking to move to the Collections based structure now in preparation for the removal of the current Studio setup, so another question is when the structural update is planned to go into effect (which server version should we expect this?) so that we can get ready to account for this or if we can ask them to back off a little.



5 - Atom

Any update on the V3 Server API? Can we use any server API to trigger Apps shared by Collection in the latest release? 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We will not deprecate subscriptions until the end of 2022 at the earliest. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@nxiong001 what exactly would you like to do? What is meant by "trigger"? It's a term that means different things in different cases, so any details will help us to answer. 

5 - Atom



So if an Analytic App is shared by a User A via Collection to User B, can User B use User V2 endpoint with User B's API credentials to run the Analytic App?


I know you'll get 403 Unauthorized in the 2020.3 version for the above operation. How about in a newer release?

6 - Meteoroid



even with v3 RestAPI it don't seem to be the case, that I can run someone elses workfow via API even though the workflow is shared via collection. 

Guys, what is so complicated about implementing this? This is mandatory once you fully deprecate the shared subscription feature.





11 - Bolide

Hi  @JohnPelletier 


Looking forward for it :)



Status changed to: Implemented
13 - Pulsar

This shows implemented, but Im not seeing a v3 Jobs endpoint that would let me run a workflow shared with me through a collection. Did this actually get implemented, and how can we run workflows that are in a collection but not owned by us?


Edit: I answered my own question. I found it in the release documentation. I am unable to use it since we are not on 2023.2 yet, but incase anyone else is wondering, thats the version you need.