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Time to update the number of cores for Alteryx Server in initial package ?

Hello all,

This may be a little controversial. As of today, when you buy an Alteryx Server, the basic package covers up to 4 cores :

I have always known that. But these last years, the technology, the world has evolved. Especially the number of cores in a server. As an example, AMD Epyc CPU for server begin at 8 cores :



So the idea is to update the number of cores in initial package for 8 or even 16 cores. It would :
-make Alteryx more competitive
-cost only very few money
-end some user frustration

Moreover, Alteryx Server Additional Capacity license should be 4 cores.

Best regards,


13 - Pulsar

@Paul_Holden  Oh, ok, thanks for the clarification.

Well I guess in that case, it's ok but it means you have a VM farm and not every company got it, it means VM administrators and all.

Best regards,


9 - Comet

@simonaubert_bd absolutely which was part of the reason for my question.


I thumbed your suggestion by the way, it's definitely something that needs to change.

13 - Pulsar

Hello @NicoleJ Can we have an update after three years of review, please?