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Time Zone control in the Gallery Scheduler

This post illustrates the current state of how the Gallery and Scheduler interact with time zones as of V11.7. The behavior it showed in that test is unintuitive and may lead to issues with setting schedules correctly. One possible correction would be to unify all times on the server to server time, but I think we can do better.


What I suggest instead is to add time zone as an option on the scheduler. This way users that set schedules don't ever have to wonder at what time the workflow is actually going to run. That information can also be passed through to results such that users that want to make sure a schedule is working as planned don't have to back track and figure out if 5pm means 5pm their time or server time. Finally, it would allow a more intuitive way for an employee in Denver, CO schedule a workflow such that his or her boss in Irvine, CA receives the resulting report exactly when needed/expected.


I agree, it can be very annoying when trying to schedule

This is especially difficult when you have offices across multiple timezones.
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My situation is the server is located in MST and I am located in CST. So the server time zone is one hour behind me.


From the gallery, if I tried to schedule the workflow to run a minute from current time to test the scheduler, it will save the time as 1 hr and 1 minute from now. If I tried to adjust the time to 1 hour earlier to run according to the server time, I will get an error message that "selected start date is in the past" and won't let me save the schedule.


So, the problems are:

1. Workflow schedules are based on server time zone.

2. When you schedule the workflow from the gallery (browser), it validates against your local time zone.


Please fix this as we are a global company with people spread out all over the globe. Time zone awareness is an important functional requirements for all our applications. When we build our apps, All time elements are stored as UTC. Client side time selection (browser) are translated into UTC before sending to the server. Not rocket science.

One more minor enhancement: It would be even better if we could add time zones + indicator whether we need the schedule to be updated based on Daylight Saving --> we have seen instances where scheduled reports need to be manually re-adjusted when the daylight saving starts/stops.
This timezone behavior also causes issues when trying to schedule via gallery for a time that will run within the next hour. Currently I'm located in EST. My server is in CST. If the current time is 7:30am EST and I want to schedule a workflow to run at 8am EST; I would need to set the schedule to be today @ 7am due to the server being CST. Gallery won't allow this b/c it states the scheduled time is in the past. Only workaround I found is to temporarily change the timezone in windows to fool the web page to thinking the time is now in the future.
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Thanks for submitting this idea! This has already been submitted in this post. That being said, I wanted to let you all know that this is not only accepted, but coming soon!


Can you walk direct how to assign time zone in Alteryx Gallery Scheduler?  I'm not showing an option in workflow schedules or in Admin Settings. 



Sorry for the confusion, but this isn't released. It's coming soon, planned for the 19.3 release.


Tanya S - Thanks for the update.  Will eagerly wait for the 19.3 release.