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Sub Folders for Collections



The Analytics team for our company services 9 different lines of business, and it would be helpful to create sub folders within each line of business. It would be helpful to be able to restrict the access for each individual sub folder also. Our team deals with different teams within each line of business, and they may need to have different access due to sensitive content. 




Erik M

5 - Atom

This is a great idea as we would like to organize our workflows by line of business also.

7 - Meteor

We've done a similar thing with our Tableau deployment, creating sites for different business lines and using Tableau Projects for organizations underneath them, applying AD groups for easy manage of access to the projects.

I think it would be great to have a similar feature in Alteryx, maybe creating collections with sub collections, or even better: Districts with restricted access that could represent the business lines, with collections underneath them representing the sub-organizations (or projects as we use for Tableau here), all with access controlled by AD groups.

Honestly, the today's District functionality is useless for us, if all it serves to is sharing public workflows.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for your feedback! 


At this time we are unable to include this idea in our near future roadmap due to competing priorities; as such we're updating it to Not Planned. However, should this change or we become able to return to this idea in the future we'll be sure to update this status. 

6 - Meteoroid

This should definitely be implemented. We need some better organization

6 - Meteoroid

Businesses Organization structures are not always flat, if Collection's Sub-Folders are allowed we can organize our workflows to better serve complex organizations, I understand this implementation may add some security concerns but it should not be the reason for "Not Planning" it.

7 - Meteor

We recently implemented the server and I must admit that it was surprising to find out we are unable to organize collections as suggested. Please reconsider, definitely a beneficial feature!