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If you have access to a workflow, you should be able to see all the workflow results.

We have a bunch of workflows in our public gallery that have no inputs, and so the results are the same no matter who runs them, it just depends on the time.  It is a huge oversight and a massive waste of resources that a person can only see workflow results for the times that one user ran the workflow.  If I have user A run a workflow at 10AM and user B doesn't know about it, he's going to run it at 10:05 AM and we just wasted valuable compute time and resources to produce the same exact data set.


Or, say it runs on a schedule, and you want people to access the results via gallery instead of saving as spreadsheet or something somewhere.  But you can't.  Only the person who setup the schedule can see the results.


Now, I can see that some workflow applications may produced different results based on inputs, and some results may be sensitive.  But then at least make it a check box when publishing the workflow to gallery whether or not results should b shared globally.