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Enterprise focussed downloads for the product

Hi there,


Currently, when we download a version of Alteryx - we need to download a very large number of binaries across many different download locations.    Once we get these in, they need to go through InfoSec audits; then be packed for deployment etc.     this creates a very large admin overhead in that folk need to check for updates across multiple binaries and also create a significant number of different installs which then need to be rolled out across hundreds of workstations.


The request would be to change the approach to downloads for enterprise customers:

- Admin logs into the download portal

- They then select the components which they need (Designer; predictive; CREW macros; Microsoft starter pack; Tableau starter pack; JIRA connector from the gallery; additional predictive tools from the gallery)

- this then becomes the defined selection set.

- When any of these items are updated - the admin is notified

- When they download - these are then all built into a single installer binary which we can then download and roll out to all our workstations.


Many thanks



cc: @dataMack @adrianloong



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Thanks @SeanAdams for the idea. It was great seeing you and everyone else during Inspire. We like the idea of including more than just the products into a custom bundle. I'll be sure we consider this and hope to see more stars and comments for this post.

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Community Developer
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