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Enable Stand-Alone DCM Credentials for Run-As credentials and use with DCM Connection tool

Currently, DCM credentials appear to only be used in combination with a DCM Data Source.  


For ease of use for my end users (non-Designers), I would like my end users to be able to save a user ID and password as a standalone DCM credential.  Then, I want the user to have the option to select that credential for use in two places:

  1.  Run-As - when running a workflow on demand, the user should be able to choose their saved DCM credential.
  2. Credential injection into Input Data or other relevant tools in Analytic Apps - I want to use the DCM Connection tool to build Analytic Apps that prompt my users to select their DCM Credential (NOT a full DCM Connection with data source - I don't want my users to have to set that up.)  When the user selects their Credential, their user ID and password should be securely encrypted and inserted into the existing connection set up by the App designer.


Having this functionality would remove administrative burden from both our Designers and the end users they support.

7 - Meteor
8 - Asteroid

@CMichaelBNSF wrote:
  1.  Run-As - when running a workflow on demand, the user should be able to choose their saved DCM credential.

 Cant stress enough how badly we could use this.
Having multiple workflows running with credentials, and credentials expiring every 6months.. its a pain and a growing one.. And using the Admin Credential functionality to share credentials will let admin share different users credentials against their knowledge.

6 - Meteoroid

The best would be not to store in the data base the textboxes that are set as password