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Change Default Privileges for Gallery Users

With Alteryx Server 2019.4, new users cannot create Collections by default. 


As Alteryx Server admin this causes much manual effort on my side, because I need to configure new users manually. 

Alteryx claims to be a tool for automatization and I do not see how this new feature fits into Alteryx's vision.

I wish that there were tools, which allow me to automatize the management of users on the Alteryx Server. 

With a growing number of users on the Alteryx Gallery, manual user management is not an option!


I wish there was a way to create custom roles on the Gallery and assign them to AD groups, similar to "Permissions".

Those custom roles could include the privilege to create Collections, schedule Jobs, etc.

I would also love, if there was a way to give granular access to the Data Connection menu to users. 


I have already addressed this topic to the Alteryx product manager in Q1 2019 and I hope this feature will be implemented in the future. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted


Thank you for posting this! We are currently working towards a much simpler user and asset management system in Server; however, as part of the process, we are having to complete things in an iterative manner. Adding this permission was a final piece of the Collections work that was done earlier this year.


It is planned to allow admins to create a default profile, as well as a long term goal to create custom roles with more granular permissions, including making data connection management accessible to more than just Curators (also, new naming).

7 - Meteor

can you provide any information, when this feature is planned? 

I had a meeting with Ashley in Q1 2019 where this was promissed for 2019. 


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


I'm sorry that your expectations were not met regarding this functionality. There have been a number of initiatives around the current Server product and in developing a next generation platform solution, so I'm not sure what you were promised. I can say that this is planned to be addressed by end of 2020, and I can update with a more specific timeline when I can ensure accuracy.
Thank you for your understanding. We're doing our best to provide all our customers the best experience possible.



7 - Meteor

Hello @TanyaS

thank you for the update. 

One entire year of manual user management is quite a lot of effort.
I really hope, that we get some features to automatize user management early.

Those default settings of 2019.4 are a K.O.-criteria for me. I wonder if there is anyone, who is happy with this setting.   

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@leonhastWell, in terms of happiness, it depends on what the biggest hurdle is for the organization. Data governance is a significant issue for a number of our customers, and making sure that they feel comfortable with the security of their data is a major priority.

There are some changes coming in the 20.1 release that I'd be happy to discuss in a different thread that will start to address some of the overhead you experience with user management.