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Automating Onboarding process for collection creation

Hi Team,


We have new idea which we dint find on Alteryx community, also Alteryx expert confirmed for now this is not possible.


Please find the below details:


Use Case: Automating Onboarding Process for collection creation.


Idea: Currently we are doing this onboarding manually, such as user fills up the form in Sharepoint with all relevant details for Collection Creation.

We as an Alteryx Support team, check the form and create the collection Manually.

We want to create a Workflow, such that it will read the form from SP and create the Collection Automatically without any Manual user intervention.


Benefits: If we Automate this then we can save manual user efforts and also avoid any manual mistakes.


Note: If this can be possible with any other feature of Alteryx like API, then also we are good.





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