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Artisan's ability to switch Subscription

Alteryx server APIs are associated with Subscription ( private or shared studio) and an Artisan could be part a of either a private or shared studio. In an enterprise environment you want the ability of scheduling workflows from private studio ( automation of private workflows) and shared studio ( production automation). You can achieve both in an enterprise environment with governance and control if Artisans ( along with Curators) have the ability to switch subscriptions. This will enable them to publish workflow in their private studio for automating personal workflows and in shared studio for production automation. In this way admin or curator still control the data connection creation and assignment , run as credentials but switching subscriptions can be provided to Artisans as well.


Shared studio's private api key and secret can be setup in other scheduling systems such as Ctrl-M and individual leaving or moving departments will not have any impact  on the scheduling configuration.

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for feedback! I noticed this was your first idea, so welcome to the idea boards as well! We greatly appreciate feedback on all our products so feel free to check out our other three product boards, there are some real fun ideas on each.


Since this is your first idea please be sure to check out our Idea Submission Guidelines, it goes over the criteria needed for an idea to reach product and might answer any questions you could have about the boards.