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Alteryx Mini Server; more than e scheduler less than a 45 K USD Server


Using a few designers and registering to the Alteryx Gallery are good fits for micro and small enterprises, from investment vs capability stantd point.

Alteryx Server is suitable for medium to large enterprises with at least 45K USD budget yearly and many alteryx users possibly more than 20...

Don't you think there is a need for something in between? I propose Alteryx mini-server (well we can find a better name hopefully :)



Many Alteryx clients seem to utilize Alteryx designer for ETL,

then some of them further enrich data and model forecasting or predictive modelling.

Before even considering a server they output to a BI server like

  • Qlik server or
  • Tabelau server or
  • PowerBI

If there is a need for automation Alteryx designer + Scheduler does all the trick needed.

Once you update everything in a repetitive fachion 100s to 1000s of Qlik or Tableau users can reach to the most uptodate content and discover dashboards...

I believe we can do a similar thing with a mini server...


What to do:



13 - Pulsar

It may be something like this, Alteryx Designer + Scheduler + Web gallery,

so that you can put your non-interactive and some interactive reports, scheduled to be updated,

and to be shared on your SME's homepage, just a thought...




13 - Pulsar

With the ability to install Alteryx Designer on Windows Server OS, I guess we are almost there. @LauraS

Mini server would work 1 to many, not like the server many to many.

It's like a TV, you broadcast completed ETL and model results and people can come and grab alternative reports without being able to rerun anything at all...

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for the feedback!  We are exploring different options for packaging server, but nothing definitive at this time.  We will take your ideas into consideration.    Keep the feedback coming!

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