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Alteryx Gallery API running as an account

In the Alteryx Gallery UI, it's possible to set up workflow credentials so that a workflow published to the gallery runs as a specific user.  


Unfortunately when that workflow is run from the Alteryx Gallery API, it appears to only ever run as the Alteryx Server Run-As account. 


Our developers in working with this figured out that if they called the (undocumented) API that runs the actual Alteryx Gallery directly, they can achieve what they want, but it seems a risky strategy.


The idea would be:

-Either unify the APIs so that the Gallery itself uses the same API to run workflows as what you present as the "Gallery API" (the eat your own dogfood way)

-Alter the Gallery API to enable us to run as a different workflow credential


Without this, we're forced to permission the run-as account to access anything that uses this method, which in turn then becomes a bit of a security hole (any workflow run will have access to everything that the run-as account uses) 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @michael_renwick, we love the idea! Since our Gallery runs entirely on the restful API, we are discussing how we can further enable customers to use our API in a supported, stable manner. I will be sure to note this request and include it in our roadmap discussions. Please continue to share your feedback!

11 - Bolide



Looks like the status was 'under review' at one point and now is 'new idea' again.

5 - Atom

+1 Definitely need this.

6 - Meteoroid

+1 we need this feature too

7 - Meteor

Is there any update on this?

We are also facing the same issue currently, we can't wait to have a workaround or a solution to this issue. 

8 - Asteroid

is this resolved.. we have a windows service account running the alteryx service and a different windows service account which has different access levels compared to the one running the Alteryx Service 


It will be a bad practice to give one account all the access in a multi tenant enterprise enviornment 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating this idea's status back to Under Review, to be in line with past product updates.

6 - Meteoroid

Bumping this again for us - still and issue, and still doesn't really have a satisfactory solution - we either have to use the undocumented gallery API, or use the official API with inappropriate privileges.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@michael_renwickAppreciate you calling attention to this. This is already under consideration with a number of other things for endpoint expansion and improvement. It's an ongoing effort, though, as we are making adjustments to public endpoints as we touch on similar places within the product.