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Additional AlteryxService commands to manage the scheduler programmatically

The AlteryxService addtoqueue command is great, but it leaves me wanting more.  My simple use case is to run WorkflowB via the addtoqueue command in an after run event from WorkflowA, which is run daily.  The result is that i end up with a cluttered scheduler with many instances of WorkflowB that i need to manually clean up, since addtoqueue creates a new record in AS_Applications each time it runs

It would be useful if there was an AlteryxService command for each of the subroutines already built in to the scheduler front end app: schedule workflow, update workflow, add workflow, remove workflow, edit schedule, etc

MongoDB objects could be identified by oid which the user can get from querying the AlteryxService database

I don't want to rebuild what you've already built, just need a little more control over it 🙂






17 - Castor
17 - Castor

My understanding is that the server team are doing a lot of work on the next generation of the server - and part of this is looking at the scheduler - so your idea is well timed.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @dpush,


I've moved your idea from the 'designer ideas' section over to 'server ideas' for greater visibility.



7 - Meteor

Staring this suggestion as I am also stuck with over 300,000 workflows that I can't clean up programmatically. Being able to automate clean up after a scheduled runs will be a great value add. The scheduler I'm managing is crawling when I'm using the GUI to manage schedules because we didn't realize the impact of keeping all of the workflows that are essentially duplicates.