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Add a method for scripted deploys to the Alteryx Gallery

Today, if I want to save a job onto the Alteryx Gallery, I need full permissions to do so and it is a manual process.  For some organizations, this level of access is deemed excessive, which can make properly leveraging the Alteryx Gallery difficult.  Having the ability to write a "deployment" script that could publish a workflow to the Gallery, and potentially add a new workflow to a Collection would be incredibly helpful in these cases.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@revathi @avinashbonu @Deeksha


The process of deploying to the gallery can be very painful currently - everything from DSNs; database drivers; down-stream tools etc.

Agree with your thought @Claje and I think there's a lot that can be done in this space to make the admin process more effective.

5 - Atom

Thanks @seanadams and @Claje 


This is very critical for us to manage server efficiently

9 - Comet

Can't back this enough. This has been a point of conflict in almost all enterprise discussions I've come across. Would love to see if there is something in the road-map for this.




7 - Meteor

Indeed. It is critical that alteryx considers options to upload apps via command line to have the deployment of the app completely automated. This feature is mandatory for some companies that have strict IT production deployment policies.


It is ideal to have the below features implemented via command line:


publish the app

create/update/delete the collection

add/update/delete app to collection

add/delete users/ Active directory groups to the collection

Ability to "Change Icon" - Configure the logo path

Ability to change the "Workflow Settings" - "Others may download this workflow", "Others may view this workflow's history" etc.,






12 - Quasar

This could solve my problem I have with apps which use a reference file for the map input.  At publish time the file has to be checked in the Manage workflow assets.  This then precludes the reference map from receiving updates unless republished.  We have a stable of GIS analysts keeping our data up-to-date and I need to keep the map interface current for the needs of the engineering section.



Thanks to @Claje for making this request.





11 - Bolide

Actually unpleasantly surprised there is no functionality for this yet so +1 on this one!

5 - Atom

This feature is indeed needed .

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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11 - Bolide

If you add this feature, it will be almost in time for me. To benefit from Alteryx Connect which we are installing, we must keep Alteryx assets from files to gallery.  I need to publish 100s now and keep them current in the future.

7 - Meteor

Upvote for this idea. This is indeed very critical thing. Currently we're setting up 100s of collections/users and other pieces manually. We need a API endpoint by which we can have below mentioned options to be done programmatically.


1. Add/remove/update AD groups and update their permissions

2. Add/delete/update collections, subscriptions, studios and other assets

3. Add/delete/update workflows and other assets in collection

4. Add/delete/update users or studios in collection

5. Add/delete/update permissions which can be set on assets in workflows

6. Add/delete/update data connections

7. Add/delete/update credentials

8. Add/delete/update assets in Subscriptions

9. Add/delete/update asset permissions in subscriptions

10. Assign/modify/delete workflow credentials assigned to a subscription

And many more


Basically we want to automate whole client/user on-boarding and de-boarding process to be automated