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Ability to Change Embedded MongoDB Password

Organizations using Alteryx Server with an embedded MongoDB can benefit from an option to change the MongoDB User and Admin User passwords.


Current deployments of Alteryx Server allow regeneration of the Controller Token, and for many of the same reasons, the ability to change the MongoDB passwords would be beneficial to customers.


Many organizations rely on a centralized team for daily administration of the Alteryx Server and MongoDB. With the current functionality, when members of this team change positions, they continue to know the MongoDB authentication information indefinitely. Providing organizations with this capability allows them to make the determination of how/when a change is required to mitigate any risk of misuse.



7 - Meteor

We require this functionality to address IT Security policy where passwords need to be rotated regularly.

8 - Asteroid

Our IT Security group has requested for the capability to change the Username as well as password.  Password would be a good start, but both is ideal.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

This was implemented in version 2019.1.