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I'd like to have the "Mark All as Read" option in the Knowledge Base like it is in other sections. Not that I could ever read them all, but this is my system for identifying new posts.


I was speaking to a new customer this week and they really like the Community but they wondered if it would be possible to include an area in the Discussion Section for topics that are more centric to areas of interest and industry specific questions.  The example I was given was around survey data.


The customer mentioned that the Tableau Forum has something similar and that they felt this was missing from ours.


I'm not aware that this area already exists in the Community but it seems a good idea to me as all the sections at the moment are very product centric.




I was posting a question today about sorting, but didn't see a label for sort, sorting, or a question label. Not sure what the qualifications are for making the label list, but I suggest that "Question" and "Sort" be added.


there should be an option to display a newsfeed that can be customized by the user. Notifications could be color-coded to correspond with its "parent" category (e.g., Discussions, Knowledge, Ideas, Blogs, etc.). The feed should be as flexible/customizable as possible (e.g., mute discussion, reply flag, pinning, etc.). It'd also be great if users had the ability to drag-n-drop items they want added to their feed.