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Add the option to flip comment boxes, so they can be read down-up, instead of left-right... (see below in red, how it looks and how it could be). 


image.png                                 image.png

We need an option to schedule a continuous bi-weekly payroll workflow. It is every two weeks starting on a certain day of a week. Some months have 3 and other have 2. If we had an option to select the starting day in a particular month and then select bi-weekly bullet (or every 2 weeks) from that date it would be perfect. thanks

When we create new workflows, we like to have them in our company template, to stnadardise documentation. This makes it easier for a supervisor to review, and for a colleague to pick up the workflow and understand what is going on. For instance, we have all data input on the left, and all error checks and workflow validation on the right, and a section at the top with the workflow name, project name, purpose etc. We have a workflow that we use as a template with containers, boxes and images all in the appropriate places


It would be great if there was an option to select a workflow as a template. When a new workflow is opened, it would load this template rather than having a blank canvas.

Hello Alteryx Community!


My suggestion is for a ColdFusion connector - specifically Web Services built in *.cfc files....


Perhaps being able to connect to any *cfm webpage to bring in and identify the data from a webpage or Web Service and then import into an Alteryx Workflow & thus be able to output some meaningful informational reports.

It would be most excellent if I could click directly into the "Enter Expression Here" dialog to start editting my custom filter, rather than having to click the "Custom Filter" radio button.


For me it typically requires three clicks to get going. I often start with a "Basic filter" then:

1) Click into "Enter Expression Here" dialog and nothing happens.

2) Remeber that I need to click the "Custom Filter" radio button.

3) Click back in the "Enter Expression Here" dialog to put my cursor where I want it.



I think I'm liking the new UI, but I think it's necessary to bring back save, undo and re-do buttons....


1. Frequent saving of workflows is crucial and not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts

2. The ability to undo (lots) of changes is a key part of iterating and rapidly building workflows in Alteryx and again not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts to do this.


Looks like there's potentially space to add this to the right of 'help' (I suspect this might be technically quiet difficult) or to the left of 'run', 'schedule' and 'active documents' as seen in the image below.


Out of interest, where has the 'documents' terminology come from?


2018-11-14 22_12_14-Alteryx Designer x64 - PureGym Log In.yxmd_.png




When I use the Comment Tool its difficult to select the tools inside it, but when I use the Container Tool the Container Text doesn't support Font Sizes, and doesn't support multiple lines of text so I end up moving the Comment into the Container, but still have problems selecting a group of tools.


So a combined Comment and Container Tools would be wonderful!


Bonus: If the Comment Tool could support Multiple Font Sizes.


Combined Tools.png

Sometimes formulas get pretty long. There are cases of deeply nested conditionals, concatenation of long strings, cases where multiple casts and parses are used, etc. where formulas get pretty large and unwieldy. The current system of wrapping lines and managing the size of the properties pane can be a hassle, especially if you are trying to use any sort of whitespace formatting to make the formulas more readable.


My solution is this is pretty simple, add a pop-out window for formulas. It could be a context menu option from right-clicking the formula box itself, a button on the bar at the top of each formula, or any number of other things.


A really good example of this is MS Access. You can right-click any text box that takes an expression and open it in the expression editor pop-up window. The current system is more like excel where you're stuck with whatever box size you're given.

For people recently met with RegEx, you are lucky if the expression is short and understandable or "human readable".

But there are extreme cases too where it's really a pain to solve the puzzle.


if you'd like to catch e-mail addresses from masses of unstructured data this will work;




and here is the elaboration;

when colorful it's fun but barely readable still... Here is a Regexper version




This visualizer I came across at is awesome.


  1. Can you please integrate this into Designer for ease of reading and understanding existing RegEx...
  2. Can it be possible to develop an interactive tool to prepare;
    • The graphical representation of our regular expression first
    • And then writing it in the same old fashion...

Please support the idea if you like...


Good Afternoon,


Working with the Alteryx Insight tool there are a few functionality features our team believes would be quite useful:


-When you have multiple charts within an Insight the ability to "Drill Out" of an individual graphs versus having to "reset" the entire dashboard would be incredibly useful and save a lot of time


-When drilling into graphs we have found users often forget what particular category they drilled into leading to them having to reset the entire dashboard and start over. Could a "legend" type area be added to drill able graphs to show the user what they have drilled into?


-The ability to "select all" or "de-select all" options in a filter on the right hand side of the Insight


-The ability to drill into your graphs when in the Design Mode or "Configure Insight" to see how any formatting changes impact all layers of your graph once you begin to drill versus having to switch over to Preview Mode and test all layers and then switch back to Design Mode to make necessary changes


-The ability to adjust formatting on individual layers of a drilled graph. For example on the x-axis of your first layer have labels set at font size 10 with no angle, but then on your second layer once you drill have the x-axis font size adjusted to font size of 6 at 45 degree angle in the case where your data labels are longer once you drill




Nathan Brock 

I'm on 2018.2.


When I click on existing Comment Boxes out in the Workflow I'd like to be able to tack on additional information within the Comment box.


If I hit Enter, I'm not able to type anything in the Comment Box.  I think Enter is taking me out of the Box.  If I hit the space bar, I'm able to type - but a lot of times I'm updating info and I want to start it on a new line.


Yes, I know it works fine in the Configuration Window.


Can we make the actual Comment Box work like the Text Window in Configuration?



I'm just submitting @neilgallen's idea from here. The labels in the results window are still white, which is no longer visible. You can barely see that they're indeed still there when you hover over them.



At the moment if a part of your python code takes more than 30s to run, Jupyter times out and Alteryx cancels the workflow. This makes the Python Tool unusable for anything intensive and the timeout should be removed by default or be configurable per workflow.


I've made this idea as none of the solutions in these threads feel satisfactory:

We need color coding in the SQL Editor Window for input tools.  We are always having to pull our code out of there and copy it into a Teradata window so it is easier to ready/trouble shoot.  This would save us some time and some hassle and would improve the Alteryx user experience. ( I think you've used a couple of my ideas already. This one is a good one too. )



I would like to have all my annotations show on top of the tools by default. I can change them one at a time, but I would like to be able to change the default setting to be "Show Annotations on the Top" always.



When you left click + drag across the canvas you can select multiple tools. When you hold control and do this twice, the first selection gets deselected. The suggestion is to combine these selections into one. Much like when single selecting tools and holding down control, but for multi-selecting. Just a small QoL issue. 

suggestion1.pngSelection of blue box should be added to the already selected tools





Some of the workflows I use have multiple inputs that can take a long time to initially load. The new cache function itself has been amazing, but there is one big drawback for me: I can't cache multiple tools at the same time.  Alteryx will allow me to eventually cache all of the tools I want cached, but it will take multiple times running the file.  This still saves me time in the end, but it feels a bit cumbersome to set up.

Hi there,


My idea comes when I've built an application, where user select filter from drop-down list. However it contains thousands of records, so it takes lot's of time to find desired record.

In Excel and MS Access when you use filter you can put many letter and filter shows rows that match the input. In Alteryx user can only put first letter, which is huge drawback to my users.


This is how it works in Excel:



Hope you like it!

From Wikipedia

Druid is a column-oriented, open-source, distributed data store written in Java. Druid is designed to quickly ingest massive quantities of event data, and provide low-latency queries on top of the data.[1] The name Druid comes from the shapeshifting Druid class in many role-playing games, to reflect the fact that the architecture of the system can shift to solve different types of data problems.

Druid is commonly used in business intelligence/OLAP applications to analyze high volumes of real-time and historical data.[2] Druid is used in production by technology companies such as Alibaba,[2] Airbnb,[2] Cisco,[3] eBay,[4] Netflix,[5] Paypal,[2], Yahoo.[6] and Wikimedia Foundation [7] 


More and more companies are going from Hive to Druid for Dataviz needs, maybe it's time to look for Druid Integration with Alteryx?

Currently zero-width spaces are not removed by the data cleanse tool. This means you can have two visually similar words like Dog and Dog but one is actually longer than the other due to zero width characters. The removal of these zero-width spaces can be added with the formula.


REGEX_Replace([_CurrentField_], "\x{200B}", "")

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