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Image Recognition Tools



  After used the new "Image Recognition Tool" a few days, I think you could improve it : 

  > by adding the dimensional constraints in front of each of the pre-trained models,

  > by adding a true tool to divide the training data correctly (in order to have an equivalent number of images for each of the labels)

  > at least, allow the tool to use black & white images (I wanted to test it on the MNIST, but the tool tells me that it necessarily needs RGB images) ?


  Question : do you in the future allow the user to choose between CPU or GPU usage ?


  In any case, thank you again for this new tool, it is certainly perfectible, but very simple to use, and I sincerely think that it will allow a greater number of people to understand the many use cases made possible thanks to image recognition.


  Thank you again

  Kévin VANCAPPEL (France ;-))


  Thank you again.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @Kevin_VANCAPPEL great feedback! These are relatively new tools, so the team appreciates knowing how customers are using them.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello @Kevin_VANCAPPEL, thank you for the feedback. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by adding the dimensional constraints? For example, is this in reference to the minimum image sizes or something else? Can you explain further on the request to add a tool to divide the training data?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Researching! Thanks for posting.

5 - Atom

i am trying to connect power bi Symantec data set from power bi services. using Alteryx tools as input power bi data set. or other solotion

13 - Pulsar

It would be great if the tool could detect if there is a signature too. Not that it matches but that there simply is one